Cost Effective Office Computer Network Consulting

CNS’s consulting is not about recommending unnecessary hardware or systems that your business doesn’t need. IT solutions have become very flexible and affordable. It’s all about having the knowledge to effectively finding the solution that is best for you at the most reasonable cost.


Server and Network Setup

CNS is all about business network server consulting, purchasing, staging, setup and continued maintenance. Put my years of server networking experience to work for you. I promise a smooth running business network operation that will experience minimal downtime and data will always be secured.


Security Analysis & Implementation

From finding vulnerabilities in routers, firewalls, servers, and individual workstations, CNS has the means to evaluate your business network’s current vulnerabilities and implement the best solution to keep your data safe and systems operational.


Data Backup Management

There are numerous options available today when it comes to safeguarding your company’s critical data from disaster. From in-house back-up systems to off-site cloud backup solutions, let CNS evaluate and implement the solution that is best for you.


Email & Exchange Management

E-Mail has also evolved to offering numerous platforms to use for sending, receiving, and managing e-mails, scheduling, and task management. From in-house Exchange server setup and maintenance to cloud e-mail solutions like Google Mail and Office 365, CNS has the experience to setup and maintain your company’s e-mail requirements.


Virtual Computing

Work at your desktop from any place in the worls with an Internet connection. Let CNS setup and show you how through your own virtual private network (VPN) to access your data and continue working remotely while away from the office.


Virus Removal & Prevention

Even with today’s anti-virus software, occassionally a nasty virus still seems to find its way onto your server or workstation. Through my client’s experiences, I have witnessed numerous incidences where we were called in to isolate and remove the virus and get the computer back up and running in a short period of time.


Premise Cable Systems Design & Implementation

Many offices require complete CAT5/CAT6 cable installation services as part of installing or expanding their business network on premises. Let CNS plan and professionally install your network cabling requirements.


Business Phone System Support

CNS also has experience with installing your business telephone system cabling and configurations. We’ve worked with several of the industry’s leading brands to effectively setup and train your employees to get the most out of what these systems have to offer.


Cloud Network Management

Cloud computing is growing exponentially as a viable solution that allows for working flexibly from anywhere in the world and efffectively collaborating with other team members on projects.


Spam Filtering Management

CNS has very cost effective solutions that eliminate 98% of a company’s incoming email spam increasing productivity and reducing threats to the company’s network from malicious email attachments.